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Podcasts on Civil Society for Counterpart International
Jeremy Dalmas and Maro Siranosian
Fall 2008 to Spring 2009

1. NGO Helps Reduce Housing Poverty

2. NGO Improves Handicapped Accessibility on Local Public Transportation

3. NGO Educates Schoolchildren on Road Safety

4. NGO Brings Environmental Education to Schools

5. Armenia's NGOs Get Trainings and Grants

During the fall and winter of 2008 and 2009 I was living in Yerevan, Armenia and volunteering at Armenian Branch of Counterpart International. Their main project was to strengthen civil society. This means they were trying to get average Armenians more involved in the political process in order to decrease corruption and help make the government respects its citizens and addresses their needs. My main task at Counterpart was to create 5-minute radio stories about the successful programs that they helped start. Click on one of the links above to listen to the podcasts! Or click here to go to the Counterpart Armenia website where they are officially posted in both English and Armenian languages.



Dispatches from Yerevan
Jeremy Dalmas
September 2008 through March 2009

From September 2008 through March 2009 I was living and volunteering in Yerevan, the capitol city of Armenia. Through a program called Birthright Armenia I stayed with a host family, volunteered at two organizations, and slowly explored the culture and the landscape that make up the rich country. These dispatches are meant to give an outsider a flavor of what life is like in this wonderful post-soviet state. Click here to read and view.



here is a list of things that are not normal

"here is a list of things that are not normal "
Jeremy Dalmas
July 2008

1. was all alone
2. terrible
3. i kinda like you
4. the other kind of particle
5. reno dakota
6. cookie dough
7. old nameless
8. you are a ghost
9. we were hoping you were one of us
10. robin’s yolk
11. the affirmation
12. the stars my destination
13. time to make it yours

this album was recorded by me between july 16th and august 7th 2008 in my room and in the living room of the bus stop house in SF while i was getting ready to leave for armenia.



if you consider...

if you consider...
an ambient audio adventure through golden gate park

Jeremy Dalmas
Summer 2006

A unique way to experience Golden Gate Park, a strange way to spend an afternoon. This audio tour of Golden Gate Park begins at Fulton and Stanyan, just at the northeast tip of the park, and proceeds to weave its way down into the park's depths. You will be navigated by your guide down hillsides, through fields, into caves and across ravines while you hear the stories, encounter the creatures and discover the mysteries that haunt our fair park. Where is the feral cat colony? What is in those large green boxes? Who stole the stones from the spanish monastery? Do people really assemble here at night? Why do I feel so unusual? What is that in the bushes? Are coincidences merely chance events? Or is it somehow all connected? Will I ever make it home? And will my home even be there to return to?



what the city heard

What The City Heard: A Radio Program on Gentrification
Jeremy Dalmas and the Bit 'n Brace Collective
Summer 2006

In the summer of 2006 I was involved in putting on a performance and subsequent discussion about gentrification in the northeast with a group called the Bit 'n Brace collective. Using the clips from interviews that made up the show, I put together this radio program.



the sweet science

"The Sweet Science"
Jeremy Dalmas

1. A Swamp in My Throat
2. Why Do We Wrap the Gentlemen?
3. Emerald Face
4. Dinosaur
5. The Surrealists
6. All of the Energy That You Want
7. Talk to Me!!
8. Under the Softball Stage
9. The Universe

Baroque violins, extinct monsters, pygmalion, banging on pots and pans, surrealist games, fifties radio ads, operatic vocals, privatized energy companies, flaxen hair, song-long guitar solos, trumpet fanfare and Nobel prizes all polished pristine and squeezed into 27 minutes of glorious harmonic embellishment. A marvel of the modern era! A toboggan ride through spring wildflowers! A jewel to be owned by all!



my red tie

"My Red Tie"
Jeremy Dalmas

1. You Can't Live Without a Heart
2. San Francisco (with Maeve Johnston)
3. Big Rock Candy Mountain
4. Roma
5. Number One
6. The Kid Stays in The Picture
7. Will We Ever Get Along?
8. Undead Zombie Dance Party
9. Why Else?

What a nice little creek running through the amphitheater in my front yard! I have a few songs that I've been wanting to record and this looks like a great place to create an album. I'll just put my microphone stand right there, and sit on this old bench with my guitar and record a few songs today. Maybe I can add an occasional out-of-tune piano, and my friend Maeve is coming by later, she can sing on a song. This sounds like a great way to spend a summer day! I'm excited!



into the oven

"Into The Oven"
Jeremy Dalmas

1. approaching
2. into the oven
3. in the oven
4. escaping
5. after

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you're a legend

"You're a Legend"
Jeremy Dalmas (composed at the University of York)

After a hard day at work in the orchestra Flute, Oboe, Cello and Violin came home to crawl into their cases for some much needed rest. But when they open the front door of their cottage, who is that sitting in their living room? It is Guitar! He spent the whole morning kneading dough for bread and hunting for mushrooms to make a delicious soup. Not only that, but we brought over a case of mead that has been fermenting in his cellar since last winter. Out little instruments are good and sleepy, but after they go through a couple bottles of mead they begin to get rowdy. Soon they are on the table flapping their arms, stomping their feet, covering the whole cottage in soup! What a charming dinner, what a glorious evening!



rachel and jeremy

"Rachel and Jeremy"
Jeremy Dalmas and Rachel Ernst

1. The Shower
2. My Appetite
3. Quasars
4. Adrift
5. Smear
6. In The Middle of Something
7. Certainly
8. West of

Eight easy drops of clean, mellow music. Bells, zithers, guitar plucks and piano notes sprinkled over Rachel's cool, innocent vocals.



me and the wave

"Me And The Wave"
The Colors (aka Jeremy Dalmas and Fred Nicolaus)

1. Don't Take Me For Granted
2. Me And The Wave
3. Eight More Minutes
4. Escape From Fire Island
5. Sugar Lies
6. Punkska
7. Sparkplug
8. You Might Ask...
9. The Next One
10. My Indian Basket
11. The Ocean Floor

Fred and Jeremy change the name of their musical project and get together for one last album after they have left for college. Drums, guitars, keyboards paint this pretty straight indie-rock portrait with dabs of experimentation added to spice things up.




Night City (aka Fred Nicolaus and Jeremy Dalmas)

Playful and creative low-fi rock music. Music this unpretentious and carefree can only be made by two lads taking weekday afternoons off from their last semester of high school. Weird samples from old movies, clunky drums, vague references to pop-culture, tinny guitars, jokes, out of key vocals, a million guest-spot by friends and lyrics inspired by whatever is laying around the room. Music that sounds like whoever made it had so much fun that you want to go make an album yourself.



ambient album

Jeremy Dalmas

Dusty ambient pastiches. Like a tape you'd find buried in an old bag at a garage sale.



"Prisoners Dilemma"
Jeremy Dalmas

Rock, but mutated and distorted through the lens of a high-school junior trying to navigate through the seas of puberty. Awkward and embarrassing in execution, but endearing in memory.



night city

"Night City"
Night City (aka Fred Nicolaus and Jeremy Dalmas)

Kids this age should be in punk bands wailing about parents who yell at them and girls who they'll never talk to. But instead they make DJ Shadow and Radiohead inspired minimalist experimentation with blocky samples, keyboards galore and erie moods. What they were trying to do with this strange little half-hour, no one will ever know, but never the less, a nice first attempt lads!